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15. External Accountability

15.1. External Oversight

Trust in the Media Outlet is enhanced if it is subject to a form of external accountability that is effective and independent. To this end where appropriate, a Media Outlet may wish to commit to an independent and effective form of external accountability for its journalism principles, which may take the form of an external ombudsperson, press or media council or statutory regulator.

Have you committed to a system or systems of external accountability for your editorial content?


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The National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting

15.3. Absence of external oversight

External accountability is not always possible due to the absence of such mechanisms in many countries or a lack of confidence in the efficacy, independence or trustworthiness of existing mechanisms. Where this is the case it may be helpful for the Media Outlet to state the reasons for non-compliance, taking into account the legal requirements applicable to particular media. The Media Outlet may in certain cases align with other media entities to participate in a more appropriate mechanism.

Is your Media Outlet subject to an external regulatory mechanism for content that you find it not possible to comply with?


15.4. Contact Details of External Accountability Bodies

Where a Media Outlet commits to a form of external accountability, it shall publicise the process by which the public can contact that body to complain about potential breaches of its Editorial Guidelines in a manner that is easily accessible for all.

Are the mechanisms for the public to complain about breaches of your Editorial Guidelines to an external body publicly available?


15.5. Other Associations

The Media Outlet may publicly list its membership of all bodies that require members to adhere to published guidelines, standards or norms to maintain status in that organisation. Best practice is to publish which groups a Media Outlet is a member of, listing the names and contact details.

Do you belong to any other bodies that require members to adhere to published guidelines, standards or norms to maintain status in that organisation?


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IRMI Ukraine [Pending]