Media Outlet Zoutnet CC Date of first publication 08/06/2023 Date of Latest Change 12/07/2023

12. Responsibility for Sources

A Media Outlet shall ensure that the sources used for its journalism are dealt with responsibly and their anonymity protected when justified.

12.1. Anonymity

The procedures for granting anonymity to sources shall be covered by the Editorial Guidelines. The reason for anonymity should be clarified for the public.

Are there guidelines on the procedures to be followed for granting anonymity to sources?


Are the reasons for granting anonymity made clear to the public?


12.2. Privacy Rights

Editorial guidelines should protect the privacy rights of individuals and their safety.

Are there guidelines to ensure that the privacy rights and safety of individuals are protected in your journalistic activity?


12.3. Independence and Sources

There should be guidelines on establishing relations with sources which protect the independence of the journalism.

Are there guidelines to ensure the independence of journalism relative to the sources for content?


12.4. Diversity of Sources

Editorial guidelines should ensure that a diversity of sources are consulted in producing journalistic content with adequate time for response.

Do the guidelines ensure that a diversity of sources is used in the production of your journalistic content?


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The comments goes for much of the previous questions. We follow the guidelines such as provided in the SA Press Code. We conduct regular workshops with journalists and correspondents during which we discuss these guidelines. When possible we also make use of experts from outside to address issues or talk about ethical dilemmas and how to handle these.