Media Outlet A.O. Media Alternativa (TV8) Date of first publication 01/04/2024 Date of Latest Change 25/03/2024

7. Disclosure of Editorial Contact Details

7.1. Social Media

The Media Outlet shall provide the contact details of the professional social media accounts of those responsible for interacting with and responding to public queries about the organisation’s editorial content. This can be management, senior editorial staff, the ombudsperson, readers editor or equivalent.

Does the Media Outlet have social media accounts for the public to use to make queries or respond to Content?


What are the URLs or other identification of all social media accounts used by members of the public to contact the Media Outlet?


7.2. Newsroom Contact Details

The Media Outlet shall provide public contact details that will facilitate communication with the newsroom(s). The editorial staff, when informed of the public's queries, should be able to communicate back to the public.

Does the Media Outlet have a person responsible for dealing with communication from the public regarding the Content?


Is the method for contacting that person or others at the Media Outlet clearly visible to the public?


In what ways does the staff of the Media Outlet responsible for the Content communicate back to the public results of queries, concerns, etc.?

There are several ways in which the outlet communicates with public. These include:
-The channel maintains dedicated email addresses for receiving and responding to inquiries.
- The channel maintains engagement on platforms like Facebook and Instagram for real-time interaction and updates.
- The channel's journalists can be contacted on the website for direct interaction and addressing issues.
-The channel also issues statements disseminated to the public to address specific issues.

7.3. Customer Service Contact Details

The Media Outlet shall provide all available contact details: telephone numbers, email addresses, and correspondence address of its customer service. If the organisation does not have a department, a contact should be provided for readers or other stakeholders to be able to get in touch with the Media Outlet.

Does the Media Outlet have a department or a single person who is responsible for customer service?


What are the contact details, including telephone numbers, email addresses, correspondence addresses, for customer service or the equivalent within the Media Outlet?

Phone number: +373 22 55 88 88
E-mail 1:
E-mail 2:
Correspondence address: mun. Chișinău, str. Calea Orheiului 28/1, MD-2059