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2. Editorial Mission

2.1. Editorial Mission Statement

The Media Outlet shall disclose its editorial mission statement which shall be consistent with the fundamental ethical principles of trustworthy journalism, and, as described in the Preamble, should incorporate principles of: ethical practice, good governance, self-regulation and Engagement with the public. A Media Outlet shall set out how it proposes to uphold these journalism principles through its Editorial Guidelines and processes which shall include arrangements in relation to internal accountability and of appropriate external accountability (see clauses 9 – 15). Best practice is to have these arrangements codified and made available publicly.

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CTN News – Chiang Rai Times is a Non-Profit English Language News portal that was introduced to the marketplace in 2007 to share local, regional and international news. Information that affects the local community covers politics, business, and social events.

An online news site that shares news and supports and promotes Chiang Rai business, tourism and social events to more than a Million readers monthly, and provides residents and visitors alike with the information they want to know about and presented in a weekly, up to date and enjoyable format.

Chiang Rai Times shares and promotes local, regional and international journalists and photographers, News Articles and photos are submitted by readers and professionals for everyone to read and enjoy.

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