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Media Outlet The Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT) Legal Entity Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT) Date of first publication 14/12/2022 Date of Latest Change 27/01/2023

1. Basic Requirements on Media’s Identity

1.1. Legal Entity Name

The Media Outlet, as Conforming Entity, shall provide the name designating the Legal Entity or entities under which it is conducting business. In some cases, this will be the company or public entity (branch of government, parliament, legally authorised state institution, etc.) that has ultimate legal ownership of the Media Outlet. This usually is the body that would be held liable in a court case. It is the body that enters into transactions such as paying employees and suppliers or receiving funds from readers, viewers, customers, advertisers and other sources of funding.

What is the Legal Entity Name?

Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT)

1.2. Contact Details and Identifiers

The contact details that shall be provided are the postal address and both a general telephone number and email address for the Legal Entity or entities designated in clause 1.1 “Legal Entity Name”, as well as existing identifiers. Clarification: This should be the contact details for the Legal Entity. Elsewhere in this document, means of contact for reader, viewer or listener enquiries, editorial input and other purposes are required.

What is the postal address for the Legal Entity?

S.Konarskio str. 49
LT-03123 Vilnius
Lithuania Lithuania

What is the general telephone number for the Legal Entity?

+370 5 236 30 00

What is the email address for the Legal Entity?


Is the Legal Entity required to have a Tax ID, a Registration ID, a DUNS number and/or other identifiers?


What are these IDs for the Legal Entity?

Company code: 124241078
VAT identifier: LT242410716

Are there any other governmental or other identifiers that a certification body could use to verify the identity of the Legal Entity?


What are those identifiers?

PIC: 891925186 and OID: E10262987, obtained by registering on the platform/portal of the European Commission;
DUNS: 644587263

1.3. Description of Media Outlet

The Conforming Entity shall list all brand names, titles, publication names, etc. under which its Content is published, broadcast, printed or otherwise disseminated to the public or customers. These will be known for this document and this process collectively as the Media Outlet. It is that Media Outlet that will conform with this Journalism Trust Initiative Standard. This is the Conforming Entity. These include all names used on website URLs and on social media accounts, etc.

What Brand Name(s), titles, publication names, etc. do you use to publish Content?

The Lithuanian National Radio and Television, LRT, is a media group that broadcasts nationwide on three TV channels and three radio stations, and has a news website that operates in Lithuanian, Russian, English, Polish and Ukrainian languages.

• LRT TELEVIZIJA, main TV channel that broadcasts HD content aimed at a wide audience;
• LRT PLIUS delivers specialised content, focused more on culture and sports.
• LRT LITUANICA, an internet television channel dedicated to the Lithuanian diaspora, broadcasts around the clock online. It can be accessed on the LRT.lt website, on LRT apps, and is also streamed live on YouTube. Since 2020, the LRT LITUANICA television programme is broadcast to Suwalki and Sejny counties in Poland by means of digital terrestrial television.

• LRT RADIJAS broadcasts programmes of wide appeal and news round the clock.
• LRT KLASIKA airs cultural programmes and classical music.
• LRT OPUS offers alternative, modern, music content intended for younger audiences.

Website: https://www.lrt.lt
• English news service LRT ENGLISH: https://www.lrt.lt/en/news-in-english
• Russian news service LRT NOVOSTI: https://www.lrt.lt/ru/novosti
• Polish news service LRT WIADOMOSCI: https://www.lrt.lt/pl/wiadomosci
• Ukrainian news service LRT NOVINI: https://www.lrt.lt/ua/novini

• LRT.lt
• LRT PROTOTO (quiz app)

LRT content is also available on main social media networks: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok.

1.4. Distribution Channels and URLs

The Media Outlet shall list all URLs on which it publishes. If broadcast or audiovisual, the Media Outlet shall list all terrestrial frequencies, satellite, cable, streaming and other platforms on which it is distributed.

Does the Media Outlet publish on any URLs?


On what URLs do you publish?

https://www.lrt.lt and related pages

Does the Media Outlet publish any content on any social media?


What are the social media URLs, handles, addresses or names that you use to publish?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaIFZ6Zfpqs (online TV channel LRT LITUANICA)

Does the Media Outlet publish any content by broadcasting and/or streaming?


What are the terrestrial frequencies, channels, satellite identifiers, other platforms or applications that you use to publish?

LRT TELEVIZIJA and LRT PLIUS are accessible on/at:
• a terrestrial network in Lithuania's territory, sub-700MHz range
• private cable networks in Lithuania and abroad
• the LRT.lt website (https://www.lrt.lt/mediateka)
• mobile applications LRT.lt and LRT GROTUVAS.

The online TV channel LRT LITUANICA is accessible on/at:
• a terrestrial network in Lithuania’s border region Suwalki and Sejny counties in Poland, sub-700MHz range
• the LRT.lt website (https://www.lrt.lt/mediateka/tiesiogiai/lrt-lituanica)
• YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaIFZ6Zfpqs).

Radio content is accessible on/at:
• LRT RADIJAS: 88-107.5 FM
• LRT KLASIKA: 87.5-107.8 FM
• LRT OPUS: 87.7-106.5 FM
• the LRT.lt website (https://www.lrt.lt/radioteka)
• Mobile applications LRT.lt and LRT GROTUVAS.

Mobile Applications:
• LRT.lt (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=lt.mediapark.lrt&hl=en&gl=US), (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/lrt-lt/id999758256)
• LRT GROTUVAS (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/lrt-grotuvas/id795718091)
• LRT PROTOTO (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=lt.lrt.prototo&hl=en&gl=US)

1.5. Safety Concerns

The Media Outlet shall at all times keep the safety (including digital safety and cybersecurity) of staff, contributors and owners as a primary concern. If full transparency of contact details or other information might endanger individuals, the Media Outlet shall describe what it can about the legitimate reasons for a lack of disclosure or use of pseudonyms for that purpose. Safety concerns shall not be misused to refrain from disclosure.

Do the Media Outlet's Editorial Guidelines state that the safety of all journalists shall be treated as a primary concern?


If you want to publish additional information, please provide it here.

The principle is reflected in the LRT Occupational Safety and Health Policy.
It states: "The security (physical, psychological, etc.) of employees is the most important condition to plan and organise LRT's activities".

"Safety is the responsibility of all LRT employees. Managers at all levels, including editorial managers, are directly responsible for day-to-day safety and for ensuring that all employees understand and follow safety procedures".

Are there any reasons that the Media Outlet has for withholding information on any of the questions as part of this JTI Standard process?


1.6. Location

The Media Outlet shall provide the physical address of the headquarters of the legal entity referred to above in 1.1 Legal Entity Name. Clarification: This is necessary in cases where the address listed in the Contact Details clause (1.2) does not specify a physical location, or where the location designated by the contact details referred to in 1.2 is not the same location as the headquarters. Clause 1.5, Safety Concerns, may be applied.

Is the physical address of the Legal Entity different from the postal address according to question no. 2?


Do you have a safety-related reason for not providing it?


1.7. Founding Date

The founding date of the Legal Entity referred to in clause 1.1 “Legal Entity Name” shall be specified. If the Media Outlet designated in clause 1.3 “Media Outlet” has a different founding date, the history of former legal entities and their founding dates shall be listed.

Is the founding date of the Media Outlet (as in clause 1.3. question no. 7) different from that of the Legal Entity (as in clause 1.1. question no. 1)?