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Media Outlet The Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT) Legal Entity Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT) Date of first publication 14/12/2022 Date of Latest Change 27/01/2023

2. Editorial Mission

2.1. Editorial Mission Statement

The Media Outlet shall disclose its editorial mission statement which shall be consistent with the fundamental ethical principles of trustworthy journalism, and, as described in the Preamble, should incorporate principles of: ethical practice, good governance, self-regulation and Engagement with the public. A Media Outlet shall set out how it proposes to uphold these journalism principles through its Editorial Guidelines and processes which shall include arrangements in relation to internal accountability and of appropriate external accountability (see clauses 9 – 15). Best practice is to have these arrangements codified and made available publicly.

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The Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT) is an independent public establishment whose sole owner is the State.

The LRT's mission – to inform, educate and unite society.

The LRT bases its activities on the principles of respect for human beings and the State, legality, impartiality, presumption of innocence, accountability, transparency, efficiency, democracy, objectivity, political neutrality, independence and other principles of the rule of law, and ensures freedom of speech and creativity.

The LRT collects and publishes information about Lithuania and the world, introduces the public to the cultural diversity of Europe and the world, the foundations of modern civilization, consolidates the independence and democracy of the Republic of Lithuania, creates, fosters and protects national cultural values, develops tolerance and humanism, the culture of cooperation, thinking and language, enhances public morality and civic responsibility, raises the country’s ecological awareness. Diverse opinions and convictions are reflected in radio and television programmes produced and/or disseminated (or broadcast) by the LRT (hereinafter: ‘LRT programmes’), and on the LRT website. Individuals with diverse perspectives shall have the right to participate in LRT programmes and on the LRT website and to express their views. LRT programmes and the LRT website respect human dignity and rights, do not violate the principles of morality and ethics.

The LRT’s duty is to protect the public interest. The LRT understands the public interest as the duty to provide the public with only objective, reliable information, educate the public, provide them with quality entertainment, ensure freedom of speech, provide only information that is not misleading and helps the public to understand political, social and cultural processes and make decisions that are relevant to them, as well as expose and publicise cases of corruption, injustice, abuse, incompetence and negligence that are detrimental to society.

The basic principles of journalism ‒ credibility, independence and impartiality, objectivity, fairness and accuracy, transparency and honesty, accountability ‒ are the cornerstones of the LRT’s work.

- the LRT Editorial Policy, Ch. II "GENERAL PROVISIONS";
- the Code of Ethics of Journalists of LRT, Ch. II "GENERAL PROVISIONS", available at: https://apie.lrt.lt/api/uploads/LRT_zurnalistu_etikos_kodeksas_patvirtintas_2022_12_13_61cee4d833.pdf
- the LRT Strategy for 2023-2027, available at: https://apie.lrt.lt/api/uploads/LRT_strategija_2022_horizontal_2022_11_30_ENG_305b2ec14a.pdf

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