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8. Disclosure of Revenue Sources and Data Collection

The aim of disclosure is to be able to assess potential conflicts of interests. Media Outlets are encouraged to exceed the financial disclosure requirements mandated by their national laws in order to achieve this goal. In cases where the requirements cannot be met, a justification for non-compliance should be published.

8.1. Sources of Revenue

The Media Outlet shall disclose a list of its sources of revenue, ranked from largest to smallest. These may include subscriptions, advertising, major donors and donations, subsidies, fees, sales, memberships, sponsorships, events, etc. Organisations obliged to publish or make public their financial information shall provide a reference to the source where the data is accessible. The Media Outlet may disclose its revenue and/or the categories of its sources of revenue, including the respective ratios. A Media Outlet owned by the state or the government, or financed with public money, shall disclose the nature of its source(s) of revenue: license fees, government budget, partnerships, public subscriptions, grants, commercial advertising, or other. Where a media entity deems itself precluded from disclosure of information due to safety and security concerns as outlined in the Terms and Definitions section, these shall be explained.

What are the categories of sources of revenue for the Media Outlet, ranked from largest to smallest? These may include subscriptions, advertising, major donors, donations, subsidies, fees, sales, memberships, sponsorships, events, etc.

За підсумками 2023 року: реклама 51%, гранти 44%, читачі 5%

Is the Media Outlet required to make financial disclosures?


What is the revenue of the Media Outlet?

Дохід у 2023 році: 52 434 400 грн

What is the ratio of the categories of revenue sources (as in question no. 46)?

реклама 51%, гранти 44%, читачі 5%

Is there any reason for safety and security that you have given incomplete data in this section?


8.2. Data collection disclosure

Where a Media Outlet processes personal data from its audiences, on its own or by engaging with third parties, that shall be disclosed. The Media Outlet shall describe what personal data is processed, by which methods and for what purpose.

Does your Media Outlet process any personal information from online visitors on its own or with third parties?


What information is processed?

Інформацію про підключення до Інтернету, трафік та тривалість роботи в Інтернеті тощо.
При реєстрації можуть бути зібрані інші деталі.

What is the purpose for gathering that information?

Мета обробки персональних даних – удосконалити процес використання Сайту в майбутньому, з урахуванням інтересів та переваг читача, а також для аналізу поведінки користувачів, у тому числі, для розміщення на Сайті актуальної реклами.

By what methods is the information processed?

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