Media Outlet ECONOMIE ET DEVELOPPEMENT Legal Entity ECONOMIE ET DEVELOPPEMENT Date of first publication 29/09/2022 Date of Latest Change 29/09/2022

4. Disclosure of Type of Ownership

4.1. Privately held

The Media Outlet shall declare its legal status clarifying what type of company it is registered as. For example, if it is a limited or incorporated company. It should use the legal definition used in its country of registration and provide the relevant registration information.

Is the Media Outlet or the Legal Entity privately owned?


What is the form and status of the Media Outlet or Legal Entity according to the legal definition in the country of registration?


4.2. State or Publicly owned

The Media Outlet shall state clearly if it is fully or partly owned by the government, a state institution, or other public body, providing information on the specific department, entity, or body that exercises that ownership and its relationship with the government.

Is the Media Outlet or the Legal Entity owned by the state, a unit of the government or any other public entity?


4.3. Publicly Traded Company

The Media Outlet shall indicate if it is a publicly traded company and where it is legally registered and where its shares are traded. The company shall also provide its share name and indicate what proportion of its ownership is publicly traded.

Is the Media Outlet or the Legal Entity publicly traded?


4.4. Other

If the ownership of the Media Outlet is different from the above, for example if the organisation is a co-operative or member-owned, the Media Outlet shall indicate its form of ownership and provide links to local legal definitions of the type of ownership. If the ownership of the Media Outlet is made up of a combination of the above types of ownership, then it shall provide a breakdown of the ownership indicating clearly which share is which ownership type.

Is the ownership of the Media Outlet or the Legal Entity different from the three previous clauses in this section? For example, is it a co-operative or member-owned?