Media Outlet Geopolis Legal Entity Geopolis Date of first publication 20/04/2023 Date of Latest Change 20/04/2023

6. Disclosure of Identity of the Management Team and its Location

The organisational structure of the Media Outlet shall be publicly available with up-to-date information on the names, positions and contact details of the people in charge. The address, usually the headquarters, shall be clearly indicated. If the company has several offices based in different places, their addresses shall also be disclosed. If the physical address cannot be stated for security concerns a correspondence address shall be provided.

6.1. Management Directory

Chief executive officer, managing director, directors, all the people holding responsibility in the company shall clearly be identified. Their name, position and professional contact details shall be disclosed.

What are the names, positions, and contact details of all members of management for the Media Outlet?

Le Directeur général et fondateur William Albert Kalengay : +243 998 110 441

Le Directeur des ressources humaines Guy Kazadi : +243 998 977 601

La coordonnatrice Tanya Kapinfa : +243 995 819 665

6.2. Location of Branches and Offices

The location of the headquarters, main branches and offices of the Media Outlet shall be disclosed, including the full address, a contact phone number and email address.

What is the physical address, phone number and email address of the headquarters of the Media Outlet?

EN RDC, Kinshasa Gombe; N° 28 de l'avenue Isiro.
+243 998 110 441

Does the Media Outlet have other main branches and offices?


Do you have a safety-related reason for not providing it?