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2. Editorial Mission

2.1. Editorial Mission Statement

The Media Outlet shall disclose its editorial mission statement which shall be consistent with the fundamental ethical principles of trustworthy journalism, and, as described in the Preamble, should incorporate principles of: ethical practice, good governance, self-regulation and Engagement with the public. A Media Outlet shall set out how it proposes to uphold these journalism principles through its Editorial Guidelines and processes which shall include arrangements in relation to internal accountability and of appropriate external accountability (see clauses 9 – 15). Best practice is to have these arrangements codified and made available publicly.

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Blue TN is committed to respecting the principles of freedom of opinion and expression and the citizen's right to access information.

Blue TN respects the right of individuals to the protection of privacy and is committed to banishing any speech that incites racial or cultural hatred or exports discrimination, animosity, or violence against of a well-defined category of Tunisians.


Blue TN insists on the independence of its editorial line and rejects any interference from any person, party, or private or governmental institution in its editorial policy.
Blue TN insists on the clear distinction between media content and advertising content while respecting its editorial strategy of an awareness media.


Blue TN works tirelessly to have primacy in the collection and dissemination of information and considers that accuracy, verification, veracity and relevant treatment are more important than the speed of their publication on the website and social networks.

Blue TN strongly certifies that it will never rely on mere rumor as a source of information, especially that which aims to harm others, except after verification of its authenticity with a reliable source.


Blue TN resolutely takes the position of presenting the information with clarity in simplified language and without frills in order to allow the public to grasp the events, and understand the complicated phenomena related to the environment and other facts, apart from any misleading tendency or propensity to favor a party at the expense of another.
Blue TN urges its editors never to introduce their personal points of view into the information disseminated, to maintain the neutrality of the information disseminated without falling into militancy, and this, by the use of truncated or distorted information or even deviated from its context for the purpose of wanting to increase the reach out rate of the content or to have exclusivity.


Blue TN applies to the rule stipulating that “information is sacred, the commentary is free” while respecting professional standards, the principles of its editorial charter, and scientific bases.


Blue TN scrupulously adheres to professional ethics and journalistic standards for collecting information and the most appropriate approach to deal with the various sources of scientific information in all moral and intellectual probity.


Blue TN's web editors strive to respect journalistic and scientific rules, namely:

Verify the authenticity of information before it is released .S’assurer auprès des diverses sources scientifiques de la véracité des données et des informations provenant d’autres site web ou articles scientifique .
Respect fundamental rules when writing information, putting statements in quotation marks and attributing them to their authors, and avoiding judgments that betray ideological or political positions.
Respect the copyright for the images broadcast.
Cite the sources of the information when publishing it.


Blue TN strives to avoid any promotion, advertising, or dissemination of information from polluting companies that want to give themselves an illusory image of ecological responsibility. Green communication does not always mean that the company is responsible for the environment.

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