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May 2021 | V.1.0. (EN)

By accessing the public website of the Journalism Trust Initiative (in the following “JTI”) or its web application, the jti:app, you confirm your acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions of Use.

1.  Context

1.1.     Ownership

The JTI is promoted under the stewardship of Reporters sans frontières (“RSF”), CS 90247, 75083 Paris Cedex 02, France. RSF is a not-for-profit organization that owns and controls this Website and the jti:app.

1.2.     Main functionalities

The jti:app features a Questionnaire based on the CWA 17493:2019, published by the European Committee for Standardization (“CEN”). It allows Media Outlets and their Legal Entities to perform self-assessments based on it, and to publish the results, the so-called “Transparency Report” via this web application.

In addition, the jti:app facilitates independent audits of the Media Outlet’s public disclosures. For that purpose, Certification Bodies and Media Outlets can share data via this application and publish the result (“Certificate”) in case of a successful certification.

Also, other stakeholders (“Groups”) may use the jti:app to indicate and validate affiliations with Media Outlets, such as membership of professional associations or oversight of statutory or self-regulatory bodies.

All users including the general public may use the JTI website to access the published Transparency Reports, Certificates issued, and additional information about the JTI.

2.  Exclusion of Liability

RSF’s limitation of liability is absolute, and you expressly agree that in no event shall RSF be liable for any damages including loss of data, business interruption, reputational risk etc. resulting from the use of the Website or any JTI Transparency Report and Certificates whether published by yourself or a third party.

2.1.     Damage and Risk

Under no circumstances shall RSF be liable for content and/or loss or damage resulting from the use of the Website or the jti:app including without limitation indirect loss arising from or in connection with the use of the Website, the jti:app or the publication of a JTI Transparency Report, exchanges with Certification Bodies and publication of Certificates.

Downloading and uploading are performed entirely on your own risk and peril.

Even if RSF endeavours to prevent security risks when accessing or using the JTI Website or the jti:app, it does not underwrite any such risks.

2.2.     Content

Information provided on this Website or the jti:app does not engage the responsibility of RSF.

RSF does not guarantee that information provided on this Website is accurate since the JTI Transparency Reports and Certificates are published with no oversight or involvement on RSF’s part.

The JTI Transparency Reports or Certificates may be modified by account owners and related relevant parties at any time.

RSF does not warrant, promise or represent, implicit or otherwise, that the JTI Transparency Reports and Certificates are fit for business or a specific purpose.

2.3.     Corrections

If in the course of accessing the JTI Website or the jti:app you identify errors or material omissions, please bring them to RSF’s attention so that appropriate action be taken, if necessary.

3.  Agency

Completing and publishing the JTI Transparency Report or Certificates does not create a legal relationship between RSF and yourself over and above the present Terms and Conditions of Use.

3.1.     Third Parties

According to pt. 1. the features of the jti:app allow for interaction with other entities (“third parties”), depending on the user type.

Any those third party mentioned (whether linked, referenced or otherwise) is a separate and distinct individual or legal entity and RSF does not in any way shape or form guarantee or vouch for their services or any acts committed by them.

If you link, reference or use the services of such third parties, it is entirely based on your own decision and their terms and conditions, which we invite you to carefully study prior to any contractual arrangements. In particular Certification Bodies are not vetted by RSF.

Certification is performed by independent parties whose contractual relationship with the Media Outlet’s Legal Entity is determined entirely and directly by the parties and without any vetting or intervention on RSF's part and RSF does not get involved in the contractual relationship with such third parties including Certification Bodies.

4.  Commercial Usage

4.1.     Intellectual Property Rights

The CWA 17493:2019 is copyrighted by CEN (European Committee for Standardization) and is made available on the Website for the following uses exclusively:

  • Self-assessment and publication of the completed JTI Questionnaire in the form of a JTI Transparency Report and Certificates by Certification Bodies.

No commercial use (i.e. sale, lend, lease, reproduction or distribution) is authorised.

4.2.     Pricing

The subscription rates, including discount policy, for using the jti:app are published via the webpage here and are also explained in the Tutorials tailored for each user type.

5.  Compliance

You are responsible for compliance with all applicable local laws (EU and otherwise).

This Document was last updated on 2021-May-4.