Media Outlet The Rocky Mountain Collegian Legal Entity Rocky Mountain Student Media Corp Date of first publication 11/01/2023 Date of Latest Change 05/01/2023

15. External Accountability

15.1. External Oversight

Trust in the Media Outlet is enhanced if it is subject to a form of external accountability that is effective and independent. To this end where appropriate, a Media Outlet may wish to commit to an independent and effective form of external accountability for its journalism principles, which may take the form of an external ombudsperson, press or media council or statutory regulator.

Have you committed to a system or systems of external accountability for your editorial content?


15.2. Compliance with External Accountability

Where a Media Outlet commits to a form of external accountability, it shall comply with any guidance, structures or best practice directions issued by that body.

Is your Media Outlet committed to comply with any directions or guidance issued by the external accountability body to which you subscribe?