Media Outlet The Rocky Mountain Collegian Legal Entity Rocky Mountain Student Media Corp Date of first publication 11/01/2023 Date of Latest Change 05/01/2023

5. Requirements on Owners’ Identity

The identity of owners shall be disclosed: including direct owners, indirect or beneficial owners, shareholders, indirect or beneficial shareholders. Information on any type of influence and/or conflict of interest should be provided and monitored internally. The information shall be updated on an annual basis and easy to access, preferably online. If the Outlet has no website, the information should be published or communicated clearly in all its publications or transmissions.

5.1. Names of Owners and Board Members

The names of direct, indirect, controlling or beneficial owners shall be disclosed. If any of these is also the beneficial owner of another company, the name and main activities of that company shall be clearly stated. The business sectors in which these other companies are operating shall also be indicated. The names of the members of supervisory structures, like the board, shall also be disclosed. If any of these persons is an active member of a political party or movement, holder of an elected office, or a candidate to a political election, the name of that party or movement shall be clearly stated.

Are the names of the owners in the previous question available online?